Tweetsie Railroad

Yesterday G and I decided to take a day trip up to the mountains. We've lived here in NC for 11 yrs. now and there are still places we haven't visited either because we didn't have the time or the money. Yesterday we had some of both so we decided to visit Tweetsie Railroad. It's a small amusement park with an "Old West" theme. There's a coal powered train that circles the park, you can actually see the cinders falling through the air like snowflakes as the train chugs down the track. The cars are open air so you can see everything around you. It as a beautiful cool day, perfect for being outside.

Before the train pulls away from the station there is a 'shoot out' in the street.

A little way down the tracks there's a "train robbery". The acting is so corny that you have to laugh.

Later G and I spent some time on the rides. There were no crowds so we were able to stay on some of them for 5-6 times around.

You would never guess who ended up in the local pokey. Don't worry, I bailed him out with some cotton candy.
It was a great day!

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