Refined Or Just Old?

Today I stopped by my favorite used bookstore, Ed McKay. Ed's is my favorite because they offer more than just used books, they also have used CD's, DVD's, video games, text books and more.

I was on a mission to find some new music to listen to in the car, namely Muse. What I came away with was Mozart. Not because I changed my mind but because I couldn’t find any Muse.

I also picked up the sound track from Casino Royale. I couldn’t really remember what the sound track of Casino was like but since I liked the movie well enough I thought maybe I would also enjoy the sound track; I was wrong. So out came Casino and in went Mozart, I loved it.

As I was cruising home listening to ol' Wolfgang I began to congratulate myself on my self-taught appreciation of fine music. Then as is always the case when I start patting my own back I began to question myself. Is my love of classical really a reflection of my superior taste or am I just getting old and deaf and can finally tolerate the stuff?

G says I am for sure going deaf because I like my rock loud and thumping. I'm not sure about the deaf part, I've always liked my rock loud even before I met G. All I know for sure is the music producers and directors of the Bond movies should check out Muse and maybe AC DC as well. Mozart would be a significant improvement over what they choose for Casino Royale.

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