Wasted Spaces

I'm a collector (and that's a massive understatement). So I am always in need of places to store things. Not long after we moved in this house I realized my attic access was seriously underutilized. It occurred to me that the wall would be a great place to store my wreaths and other things that I couldn't store flat. So I asked G to install some peg board for me. It worked great with only one small flaw, the items aren't all the same size and I could never remember just how I had them arranged.
So back in Jan. I reorganized everything to fit and took pictures which I planned to tape to the peg board so I could remember where things went. But then T (my self proclaimed OCD organizing daughter) suggested that I label each hook with my P Touch Label Maker. It's a fabulous idea and I plan to get to it very soon but in the mean time I thought I would share the photos with you.

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Barb said...

I wish I could get organized like you! Our old garage is where I have to store wreaths, and they have to be covered. So I can't easily see or get them out.