Sewing Room Mess cont.

The redecorating drags on. It’s my fault. I have the hardest time picking paint colors. Based on the counter top I chose I decided to paint the room beige, but once G got a coat of it on the wall I started to second guess myself. It looked so flesh like and I just couldn’t imagine working daily inside a second skin. So I decided to go blue, off I went back to the home improvement store and picked up some more paint chips but nothing I brought home worked. So another trip to the home improvement store, this time I picked up a chip matching the counter tops and went through all the paint samples available. I found out that although the counter top looks baby blue it is in fact a very peculiar shade of teal. I finally found two paint colors that would blend. I bought a quart of each and came home with the intention of putting a big swatch of both on the walls to see which I like best. I figured most likely I would use the darker of the two as an accent wall and then paint the other three walls the lighter blue (this is becoming my signature painting style) But then when I got a second look at the beige paint I realized it had begun to cure into a very nice color after all.

Then I scored this Johnson Brothers Old Mill Pitcher at the thrift store for $3 (they’re no longer in production and currently go for about $10+ on ebay) it has the faintest hint of blue in it.

And then I saw the cover photo of current issue of Creative Home (sorry I can’t find a link but it’s on the news stand) as well as some pictures on this blog (isn't her home lovely). I began to realize that I might be able to work with this beige room after all. By using light blue as an accent color I think it’ll turn out better than I imagined. I also have some other brown transfer ware that I think will work well in here.

I apologize that I don’t have more pictures to share with you, everything is still spewed around the house and my camera isn’t hooked up for down loading just now but I am taking photos and I will share them soon as I can.

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Barb said...

I know what you mean about picking paint colors! You have good luck at thrift stores..I like to try yard sales when the weather is good.