My Creative Space Thus Far

These are some before and after pictures. I really like the way it's turning out. I have to confess that this is a cleaned up version and there is lots more stuff that needs to be brought in here but I'm doing it slowly and getting rid of loads.

I feel so much more inspired by this space now.

My desk before

A closer view

After. I'm going to need to add back some shelving for stuff but I am so glad to be rid of the hutch, it created more storage problems than it solved. And most of the stuff on it is going away.... far, far away.

Sewing and scrapbook area before.

This is oppisite corner from my desk, this is where I plan to my sewing and paper crafts such as scrapbooking. It's so nice to have counter tops at waist level to work on, this way I can stand if I need to. Those lovely white cabinets are wonderful storage and hide a multitude of ugly. To the far right is my sewing machine.

I also have some ideas for window treatments and I plan to frame some of my photos for the walls.
Now I'm off to work on some crochet trim for the shelves in the photo above.
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Alison said...

How lovely to have all that storage and space! Lucky you!

Barb said...

It's looking good! The wall color is pretty.