The Shower Curtian

Housework is time consuming, tedious and often hard and is only complicated by health issues, in fact it can be hazardous to your health if you are allergic to cleaners, mold, dust, ect as I am. Or have asthma as I do.

Recently while staying at a hotel I was pondering the fact that hotel shower curtains are never moldy. For a long time now I’ve assumed it’s because someone cleans the bathroom daily but during our recent trip it occured to me, the reason the shower curtain isn’t moldy is because it’s not plastic, it’s nylon and although nylon clothes aren’t very breathable they are much more so than plastic.
When you push the curtain to the side and leave it (this is the case more times than not in my house), it traps the water and produces the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Even when stretched open it still doesn’t breath and will often stay wet all day, again the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Of course you can spray it with one of those cleaners on the market meant to be used daily but for those of us with asthma this is not an option.

So when we got home I did a google search and found this site, Hotels To You. I ordered this curtain; I’ve had it up for over 2 months now and the thing I notice is that even when has been pushed to the side all day it’s usually dry within 4-5 hours. Mold can’t grow on dry surfaces. And it does work to keep the water off the floor so there’s no concerns there either.
For me this shower curtian is a boon because it significantly reduces my exposure to things that trigger my asthma (chemicals, mold, mildew), it cuts down on the stress to my arthritic shoulder and back because I don't have to do so much scrubbing, and it reduces the time I spend cleaning as well.

Of course it’s not the most fashionable thing and it’s not going to win any beauty contest but personally I’m willing to sacrifice style for clean and healthy.

But in an effort to make it more appealing I’m going to try and hang the old sheer decorative curtain over it to see if it will work. I'll let you know how it goes.

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