May Thrift Report

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but life gets in the way sometimes.

I thought instead of sharing my thrift scores with you each time I find something I would start doing it once a month. I’ll take pictures as I find things and tag them as thrift and then at the end of the month I’ll share them in one big post.

Switchplate I found at Goodwill (Gw) for $2.

Plate and doves I found at Gw, plate $4, doves $2 each.

Gladiolas in the background are from my own garden.

Pillow found at Gw for $2, simply needed washing and ironing.

Found these at Gw for .25 cents each. I'm particularly pleased with finding the
Lords Supper because that's one I've wanted for a long time and almost bought
on several occasions. Just proves that if you're patient and wait long enough
you'll find it either in a thrift store or a garage sale.

Would you believe I paid $4 for this sewing basket full of thread and vintage buttons? If not just look closely at the top photo and you'll see the price stickers. The bottom half of the basket is full of knitting needles and crochet hooks. Look at the buttons, their marked .40 cents and one of the threads is marked .25 cents. Not so today.

This little terrarium was inspired by the one I saw in the Vanderbilt greenhouse.

I found the little farmer boy at Gw for $1.

These plate cost me .50 cents each. They sell on replacements.com for $5.99.

This was the table setting I used for G's birthday. I picked up these salad plates at Gw for .50 each as well. I also bought 10 of the blue glasses at Gw for .50 cents each about a year ago. I made the napkins myself using my serger. I think it made for very nice place settings.

Found this lovely cake topper at Gw for $4.

I'm hopping to use it on one of the girls wedding cakes.

Can you believe I paid $1 each for these pillow cases at the Salvation Army?

I was pretty blown away as well. They're pristine and never been used. Not sure where I'm going to use them but I'll think of something :o)

Picked this up at Gw for $3. My plan is to put together a romantic picnic basket
using real china (some with roses or really pretty flowers)
for G and I to use when we go to the mountains by ourselves.

Picked this up at a garage sale for $4,

the color is fabulous on me, makes my eyes glow.

Picked these up at the same garage sale. I plan to spray paint them white
and then do a little antiquing to give them a romantic shabby chic look.
Then I'll put some of my cross-stitch in them.

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Barb said...

Wow, some great finds! I especially like the sewing basket full of goodies!