Lost and Found

I'm so glad G married me. He's a smart man and he's always willing to help.

Recently we had a round of musical computers. That's a tedious little event where all the computers belonging to the family are switched around and the one you've finally gotten used to and actually like goes home with it's true owner and you get some POS that no one else wants and that doesn't have the programs you been using installed on it and you lose stuff that is very important to you.

In other words K came home from Iraq and wanted his computer back and I got something that J had been using that didn't have the same programs on it that I use because she uses her computer for gaming and I use my computer for photography and in the world of computers those two hobbies call for entirely different resources. It's a little like going needing a truck for your day job but the boss gives you a Honda Civic instead.

Swapping computers around like this can lead to interesting interactions and intercommunications that give a whole new meaning to the term 'family bonding'. As a result of my recent computer 'upgrade' I lost some photos I had taken. I was very pleased with these photos and was not pleased when they got lost. I had plans to have a particular one printed poster size and framed to hang in our entry way. So when I found out the current computer I am using 'misplaced' them I did a whole lot of communicating and there was a whole lot more family bonding.

But recently through a strange series of events I found the photos on the computer but still couldn’t retrieve them, I know that doesn’t make any sense and trust me it was just as confusing to me as I am sure it is to you. But as I said, G is a smart man and is always willing to help. He figured out the problem and so I am able to share the photos with you. I think G has earned a different kind of bonding.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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