Shelf Edgings

I finally got around to putting up some of the edgings I crocheted months ago. I bought the little cloisonné' cricket at Pottery Barn for .99 cents. He was being sold as a Christmas tree ornament and was originally $10. I wanted him very badly but couldn't bring myself to pay that price. So I left the store and forgot all about him. Then one Sunday in Feb. G and I were in the mall and I wanted to look around in Pottery. There was my little cricket for 90% off. I bought 5. In the language of totems crickets represent travel.

The edgings are in my office. This is what my office looks like most of the time because I always have more than one project going; that's why it takes me so long to complete one.

I put the edgings up with light duty staple gun similar to this one. I was careful not to damage the crochet work and the nice thing is you can't even see the staples. I still have one more piece to crochet and then I'll be through with these two shelves. I have two more edgings in cream that I crocheted for the Welsh Dresser in the dining room but I'm not putting them up with staples because it's an antique and I don't want to damage it. So I've decided to buy a nice piece of linen to line the shelves and sew the edgings on to it the old fashion way. The linen will brighten up the shelves and I can display my edgings without damaging the shelves.

The tea cups in the photo above are some I bought to make into pincushions or candles to sell at the farmers market during the Christmas season. The jars in this photo are some of my collection. I like old jars for storing/displaying the bits and pieces I use to sew or craft with. They all come from thrift stores and it's my personal rule to never pay more than $2 for one. At first I bought any glass jar with a lid I could find but then I realized they were very plentiful so I started buying only those that have patterns in the glass like the one on the right.

I tried really hard to format this better but blogger would not cooperate.

Sorry I forgot to add this earlier; You can visit kootoyoo to find other creative spaces. Looks as though Kristy is about to get an awesome "Creative Space" all her own.


Barb said...

The edgings are really pretty! I have some on shelves but I did white on white. Yours show the crochet a lot better because you used a color on white.I should have used a color..put that on my list of things to do LOL!

Kirsty said...

The edgings look great. I think I need to invest in a "light duty" staple gun. Mine would have butchered that job.

Anonymous said...

beautiful edging, I love that color!

Sandra aka manyhorsesmane @ RAV