Tablescape Monday - Thrifted Fruit Bowl

This not truly a tablescape but I am very proud of this composition because I bought all the parts at a thrift store at different times with no exact purpose in mind just that I liked each piece at the time.

I discovered the glass fruit about 2 yrs ago. It was love at first sight (I’m a sucker for pretty glass). I hadn’t seen glass fruit like this before but I’ve since learned that it was very popular in the 70’s.

I tried displaying it on a cake plate but it just didn't work. It kept rolling off and I was worried that it would get chipped or broken. So I wrapped it up and put it away until I could find a way to display it.

About a month ago I discovered the table runner but I didn’t buy it because it really doesn’t fit my color scheme. But I kept thinking about it and each time I searched through the bin of domestic goods there it was as if it was saying “I’m still waiting”. So finally I bought because it has a masculine feel to it and I thought that might come in handy for men’s events at church and/or birthdays.

Then about 2 weeks ago I found the white bowl, I didn't have a clue what I would do with it either, I just knew I liked it a lot and at $3 I just couldn't walk away from such a nice piece of milk glass. So I bought it, brought it home and cleaned it up. As I was drying it off I suddenly had the inspired thought that it was prefect for my fruit. I was so pleased with myself for following my instincts by buying things I love because I’ve found that if you love it you’ll find a way to use it. The trick is to only buy things you love or know you can use.

When I saw the green of the pear I knew the runner would be a good complement although it doesn’t truly fit my color scheme of blue and yellow. But there is some green in the dinning room and it looks very nice on the table. Later I’ll make a new runner in my colors and I might add to my fruit collection via ebay as well, I’m thinking I need some grapes.

More tablescapes can be found at Between Naps on the Porch. Her scape this week is a elegant and serene blue and white beauty.


Jennifer Froh said...

Your glass fruit is absolutely beautiful!!!!

Denise said...

Great finds. I've never seen glass fruit either but it looks so pretty. I love the white dish too, perfect for the fruit so they don't slide off.

Barb said...

It really looks nice together! I love to shop the thrift stores too.

Eileen said...

You did a great job of pulling together all your great finds! I love thrift store finds, it's always so unique and you know there's no way your next door neighbor is going to be displaying the exact same tablescape!
Great post!
All the best,

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What pretty fruit -- I've never seen any like yours. Pretty tablescape.

Brenda said...

I just love the bright colors of the glass fruit! Wish I could find some. It looks so pretty in your thrifted bowl. Yes, I agree. If something just calls out to you, just get it (if you can afford to). It will just keep calling out to you until you do. Or unless someone beats you to it!

Sharlotte said...

You are so right! Buying something you really like, you are bound to use it in that "special" place in your home. I love the glass fruit, I've seen it before but it's been a long time. I like it! I also love your pedistal...it's perfect!

Marilyn said...

Great milk glass bowl for that cheerful bowl of fruit! The sweet butterflies that you made today came and mine is already on the 'fridge looking cute. Sarah was pleased that she got one of her own!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Beautiful glass fruit and bowl!