Jumping for Joy

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We're all jumping for joy around here because something good has happened to almost every member of the family.

G has a job. He's currently working for Lance (the cookie/cracker company) and he's had 2 more very promising interviews with other local companies.

The spot in my right eye has healed and the one in my left eye is under control. This is truly an answer to prayer and both G and I thank God for his mercy and grace.

J has gotten her drivers license back and will be returning home to Texas with her husband. We're going to miss her but we know she's been missing the hubby very much and we're glad they can be together again.

J's husband J (way to many J's in the family) has been promoted to Staff Sargent.

K is home from Iraq and is out of the Army. We're are very proud of his willingness to go and serve his country during a time of war but we are very glad to have him home.

I'm sure there are blessings I'm over looking but I wanted you all in cyberland to know that I've been absent from my blog for good reasons, namely it's way to hectic around here to sit for more than a few minutes but I hope to be back more often. I have to cool Halloween things I want to share with you.

The above picture is one I took of a neighbors child, it was his birthday and his parents had rented him a 'bounce house'. I wanted to bounce with him but I decided to save it for another day ;o)

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Barb said...

Like the fall look of your blog..glad things are going well for you.