Cute Holiday Package Ideas

I love to surf the containier store. I fantasize about getting things in my home organized and easy to find. Mind you I do ok but it's never as good as I would like it to be - I confess, I'm a frustrated prefectionist.

I'm also always looking for cute and crafty ideas that are easy to do but look great.

Today while surfing The Container Store today I found this list of packaging ideas and thought you might want to have a look. The way they put all the parts together on one page so that you could do one click shopping.

BTW I tried it and it figures out just what you need to make all your packages. Such as, I told it I needed 20 Christmas tree jars (thankfully I don't really) and it add 20 jars, 2 packs of labels and 2 reels of ribbons to the cart, not 20 of each. High 5 to the programmer who wrote the code and to the company for realizing they needed to do it that way.
My apologies, I just realized I forgot to add the link. The Container Store Christmas package ideas.

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