Saving the planet one paper towel at a time

Not really but maybe I can save few trees and a little change a long the way.

Today I did it. I sat down and sewed. It was nothing fabulous but it made me happy to sit at my machine and create something useful to me.

I want to stop using so many paper towels to dry my hands but I don't want cotton towels laying on the counter top. I've actually had a couple catch fire because I didn't realize how close they were to the burner. So I would hang them on the oven handle only to have them do this...

I don't want to dry my hands on a towel that has been on the floor and I was tired of going through 2 or 3 towels a day trying to keep a clean one on there. And I don't want to continue to use rolls of these each week just to dry my hands.

So when I saw this on the Martha Stewart site I thought what a wonderful answer. Well I tried doing it that way but I didn't really like it because it wasn't all that easy to use. So I made it hang the above way instead. All I did was sew the stripes of velcro about 4 inches apart on one end of the towel but you'll want to check your oven handle for the perfect fit.

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Barb said...

That is a neat idea! I don't know if I can give up my Bounty Select A Size or not...but they have become soooo expensive!