Little Things

I know it's small and insignificant to most but I think details like this matter. I don't like things to look messy so I'm always trying to improve on things. Unfortunately I'm afraid that most people would never guess by the state of my house that I am this persnickety.

Most people know that the cords to blinds can be very dangerous to children and pets. We have a friend who had a kitten hang it's self on a mini-blind cord. For that reason I've always kept the cords tied well out of the way of curious hands and itchy paws.

But I've always thought this looked messy. And in some places like our big picture window I don't have anywhere to put one of those hook things you wind the cord around and honestly I'm not real found of the way they look either.

So I came up with this solution recently. I let the blinds down at far as I wanted them to go when closed, then I took the remaining cord starting at the top and using a very large hook I crocheted it into a chain and pulled the little ends through to finish it off. Now it doesn't look so messy but is still out of the way of small children and my kitties.

You can do this without using a crochet hook by simply making a loop at the top and then pulling a loop of cord through it over and over to create a chain.

Go here to see how it's done. Or search on crochet chain to find lots more examples.

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Kammy said...

Looks so much nicer , I agree !