Thrift Scores ~ Dishes and Light switch plates

G and I went to a local thrift store to look for supplies for a project (I promise to post it soon as we're finished). While we were there I found another set of dishes and fell in love. Because the pattern looked rubbed in places and I because I was trying to be frugal I only bought two. I planned to use them decoratively but then once they had been through the dishwasher they didn't look so bad after all. So I went back to buy the rest because I figure since there already a bit used looking it wouldn't matter so much if they get broke or chipped. Sure enough the first time I used them one of the kids dropped one, he was worried he had broken it I kept reassuring him that I paid only .50 cents for the plate and it was no big deal. He hadn't broken after all. I bought 6 plates, 6 salads, and 4 fruit bowls for $14.

For me that's the great part of thrifting. If it gets broke I haven't lost something valuable and I get to go shopping again *smile*

When I went back to get the plates I discovered another great thrift score. The store had a
whole display of light switch covers of different styles. I bought 4 ceramic covers for $2.50 each. I would have bought more but these were the only styles they had that would fit my switches and my decor.

These are plastic but at least they're not pretentious like the fake brass switch plates (they further down in this post). Please ignore the peeling paint, we had a very mischievous cockatiel for awhile and just haven't had the time to repair the damage.


Ugly pretentious brass switch plates.

Pretty ceramic switch plates.

Aren't they nice? I think they look so much better than the others, btw I did not choose those fake brass plates, I think they look tacky. I'm a bit of a purist and if I had decided on brass I would have bought brass, not fake brass. The fake brass plates begin to rust over time and rust is not a petina I care for no matter how fashionable it may be right now.

Another view of the after.
PS; the curtain is tied that way to keep the cats from
shredding it while trying to look out the door.

I'm adding this to BNOTP for Met Monday. There's lots of great transformation so go check them out.


Barb said...

Nice finds! I probably pass you in the aisles at the thrift stores..LOL! Have you been to the newer Goodwill where you buy by the pound? Love it..I get VHS tape movies really cheap and hubby gets golf clubs!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Thrifty finds are the best! The switch plate covers fit perfectly with you decor!