Bobbin Lace

I attended the local lace makers group. I was pretty certain that the group wouldn't be about crochet but I thought it would be interesting to attend all the same. I was right, no crochet, the group was Bobbin Lace. The President of the group took a few moments to show me how Bobbin Lace was made and I was able to practice on a piece. It was easy enough that I picked up the concept in just a few minutes. I worked on the practice piece for a bit but found that your posture has to be near perfect or you get a backache. Although Bobbin lace is beautiful I really don't think I'll be doing any of it, I prefer crochet. However I was able to add one more skill to my repertoire and I learned something very valuable to me, I have every reason to be very proud of my crochet and should probably take it more seriously then I do.

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