Vintage Thingy Thursday ~ Avon

During the 60’s & 70’s Avon sold a lot of perfume decanters in all shapes and sizes. I was always enthralled with them and had a small collection. I especially liked the children at play; there is something so charming about these little guys.

Then due to circumstances beyond my control I lost them. Thanks to eBay I’ve been able to not only replace what I lost but add to my collection. I hope to continue to add to the collection but in the future I will probably only buy from thrift shops because shipping is so expensive.

I’ll share more of my collection in the future but for now I hope you enjoy this little visit with the past :o)


Gretchen said...

How neat! I can't go near eBay because I tend to go a wee bit crazy when I see things I remember from my childhood. :)

The Apron Queen said...

I am on an e-bay vacation! I can't help myself when I am looking thru the listing! :) I love that you can find old things that you remember from long ago though. Thanks for sharing

Carrie said...

Oh, this reminds me of all the Avon perfume figurines I had collected in the 1970-80's. I sold them off at a multifamily yard sale, which I really regretted afterwards.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, my mom was a Avon lady when these were out, I had everyone of them, and what do you think I did? sell them at a garage sale....not too smart. I love them too. I had everyone of these. thanks for the post....and the reminder

Jewelgirl said...

I've seen these before, you have a
very nice collection of these Avon

calamitykim said...

Hi there! Thanks for your mermaid question- I am going to make the arms separate- I will show them soon! We have grandbabies in town until next week and we are spending as much time with them as possible! My son in law is in the army and just returned from Iraq and they took their first vacation in a year and a half! They live in Tn and we are in Fla. Anyway- thanks for your patience!xxxooo calamity kim