Childhood Memories

First I would like to apologize for disappearing for so long. G installed a new router that was suppose to speed things up for us but instead brought things to a grinding halt. He switched the system back to the old router and I'm back now with some new things to share.

My car has the peculiar quirk; it can't pass by a thrift store. I'm serious, the moment it detects a thrift store it starts to pull in that direction. It always does this safely, no mishaps thus far, but there is a strong pull and hard as I try and can't make it pass by. Today J and I were on our way home from some appointments when suddenly the car makes a left hand turn and we found ourselves sitting in front of Goodwill. So what's a girl to do but get out and go plunder through the junk to see if anything is worth rescuing?

Needless to say there were many things that needed to be rescued and loved but one particular thing brought back a flood of memories for both J and me. Do you remember
POG’s? Did you play with them? Did your kids play with them? POG’s were a popular children’s game during the 1990’s. My two youngest children (J and her brother K) enjoyed the game immensely. They were between 8 and 12 years old at the time. I enjoyed it as well because it was a great way to get them to do their chores, no allowance till chores were done. So when I stumbled across this $3 box of memories I had to bring it home to live with us. J and I sorted through them, I’m going to use some in collages and scrapbook pages, she’s keeping the rest simply for the memories.

I also found an old Monopoly set ($2) that had metal game pieces in it, only 5 but I think T, my oldest daughter, will be thrilled all the same. T collects board games and especially like Monopoly. I have plans for the game money and maybe some of the other cards but I’m giving T the metal game pieces. Hopefully one day I will stumble upon another game with the rest of the metal pieces.

I’m so glad my car enjoys thrift stores as much as I do.

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