Back Surgery, High Hopes and a Bit of Thrift

The back surgery and high hopes.
I'm back from a short stay in the hospital for back surgery. I have some nerve pain in my back and right thigh so the docs recommended a spinal stimulator as a part of my pain management. The hope is I'll be able to reduce my pain meds. The down side is right now I am still groggy and I am in pain and I can't leave the house for two weeks. But the upside is also that I can't leave the house for two weeks, I also can't lift, bend, stoup, squat, twist ect, ect. Basically I can't drive or do any housework. So I am going to devote myself to finishing all the sewing projects and other WIPs I have hanging around. The picture above is of my sewing area, as you can see it's in dire need of unearthing. I have way too many WIPs; it's my hope to reduce this pile. So check back often to see my progress.

The thrift part of this post is the sewing machine cabinet you see in the picture. 26 years ago my dear G bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, it was one of the sweetest and most affirming things anyone has ever done for me. For 26 years my sewing machine sat on the rickety little sewing cabinet made of press-wood that it came with.

Then one day when my car pulled into the Goodwill (remember I told you my car can't pass a thrift store?) I found this wonderful, very sturdy sewing cabinet. It was marked $40 but still had a sewing machine in it. I came home and asked G to go have a look at it and tell me if he thought it would work for my machine. We went back the next day and much to my pleasure it had been marked down to $20. G said he thought it would work fine and I should buy it, so I did. We took it out to the Jeep removed the old sewing machine and re-donated it.

The cabinet works great; it has a nice built in storage bin on the left hand side. The plan was to try and attach my machine to the cabinet so it would let down and I could hide it, but when we got it home and I had a look at it I realized that I was just as happy having it sit out in the open the way it has always done.

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