Progress and change of plans

Well I started with high hope; I got several sewing projects out, spread their many parts across my dining table and got started. I managed to get some work done on each of them but of course I found that I need a bit of this and a little of that to finish each one of them.

But I did make some progress. I finished this pillow case that I bought recently. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and have already started looking through my current stash for other fabrics I can turn into pillow cases. I think it's a great way to use it extra fabric.

I also got the quilt square part of this checkbook cover done. I really like this block pattern and plan to do a wall hanging using it very soon. It's a slightly different take on the stack & whack pattern. But rather than finish it in the prescribed method I think I'm going to use some double fold tape in a contrasting color... maybe cream or yellow.

Then feeling very productive and ready to tackle the big project I got this jacket out and started to work on the sleeves. I started this jacket back in the spring but didn't get it finished because it turned out to small for me. I had to take it apart and rework it a bit. Fortunately it's a quilted jacket so my additions of extra fabric fit right in with the pattern. And the shop still had the fabric so I was able to buy more.

But as luck would have it just as I was getting started on the sleeves my machine quit. Just up and quit. I have no clue as to why. I'm going to have to take it and have it repaired. G suggested that I go ahead and buy the machine I wanted because this one really does need replacing. As I explained earlier I have a strong emotional attachment to it because G bought it for me but the truth is it's way past it's prime and simply can't do all the things I need it to do. So I am thinking very seriously about taking G up on his offer.

Since the machine died on me and it'll be a while before I can get it fixed or replaced I'm finishing some of the other craft projects I have sitting about. I’ll share pics of those as I get them finished.

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