Vintage Thingy Thursday ~ Mr. Happy

I would like to introduce you to my cookie jar Mr. Happy. I don't know anything about Mr. Happy other than he is old. I have no idea what company made him or how old he may be. All I can tell you is that I found him in a local antique shop that has since gone out of business. The moment I laid eyes on Mr. Happy I knew he was my man. He was not cheap but I had to have him, he has all the qualities a girl looks for in a man, he's handsome, he's always smiling, he makes me smile, and he full of sweetness and always ready to give up the goods. And the relationship is still strong, I still madly in love with Mr. Happy today as I was 10yrs ago.

If you know anything about Mr. Happy’s previous life, where he’s from, how old he might be, ect. please leave me a message.

Since I have missed several Vintage Thingy Thursday (due to no fault of my own, back surgery ain't for sissies) I am going to share a second vintage thingy with you. This is another of those things I fell in love with the minute I saw it, I have a thing for autumn leaves. And when I asked the price ($20 for the lot) I couldn't pass it up.

It's a chip & dip set complete with 8 Pilsners and 6 Highball glasses. When I bought it I knew nothing about Pilsners. I thought they were champagne glasses and kept wondering why champagne glasses would come in a set with a chip & dip bowl? Then I did a little surfing on eBay and found out that a Pilsner is a beer glass. Yep, people back in the day really did drink their beer from a glass. How cool is that!


Coloradolady said...

What a cute cookie Jar. I love it.
I really like the chip and dip set. The colors are great, love the leaves.
Thanks for sharing.

ellen b said...

I love my beer from a glass too. In fact it's my philosophy that everything tastes better in just the right glass and on just the right plate. That gives me the grand excuse to buy every fun glass I see at Goodwill and every pretty plate :0)
Your chip and dip set is very cool and the cookie jar is fun. Enjoy...

The Apron Queen said...

My Mom had a very similiar chip & dip set. We used it a lot around the holidays! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

I usually think clowns are a bit creepy but this guy's really cute. And what could be cuter anyway thank something that holds cookies!

Diane said...

My parents had that chip and dip set - and glasses while I was growing up. I never saw them use it. Always up high on a shelf just like yours. It's lovely and I hope you enjoy it!