Greenhouse steps & the pumpkin patch

Our yard has a dramatic slope in from front to back. So much so that we have almost no flat land at all so when we installed the greenhouse we had no choice but to create a pad for it sit on. Since then I’ve been slipping and sliding my way up to it and back down again hoping to not break my neck before we could get steps installed. We recently have a stroke of good luck and we’re using part of our windfall to put in those steps.

This is day one of the process. The landscapers say that they will have it finished in 3-4 days depending on the rain we get from the hurricanes churning in the Atlantic and the Gulf. Our landscapers are a husband and wife team that own and run their own business. I really like them, they are pleasant, very neat and considerate and reasonably priced. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to not only have my steps going in but to have found really good landscapers :o)

I thought I would also share a pic of our pumpkin patch. We have 9 pumpkins, 4 medium and 5 small. They’re going to look so good on the fireplace until Halloween and then they’re going to make nice jack-o-lanterns.

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amy said...

how fun that you have your own pumpkin patch! thanks for visiting my blog!