Philodendron Basket

Isn't this the coolest thing!

Someone put this philodendron, still in its original nursery pot (ugly black pot), in a cache pot (nice attractive pot) then over time the roots wrapped around inside between the two pots to form a 'basket'.

I have two of these
Split Leaf phillies outside. I think when I bring them in this winter I'm going to try this as well. I’ll just push all the aerial roots back down between the pots and we’ll see how it goes.
Philodendron make wonderful house plants as long as you give them what they need. Be aware that they can become very large so they need some room to spread.

  • Moist but well draining soil (add some perilite to commercial potting mix and it should be fine).
  • Don't allow to dry out completely but don't over water or allow them to sit in standing water. Think moist, not soggy. If you notice yellow leaves it's usally a sign of over watering. When using cache pots it's always a good idea to put something under the pot the plant is in, this allows the water to drain all the way through and cuts down on the problem of plants sitting in standing water.
  • Bright light but no direct sun. In their native habitat they live under trees, many use their roots to climb the tree. If kept as a houseplant locate them near a bright window covered with a sheer or lace panel.
  • Pest are generally not a problem but if yours does get attacked just spray with horticultural soap (follow the directions on the package to the letter).

Warning: Some have edible fruit but be very careful, their leaves are poisonous. Best kept away from children and pets who like to eat or chew leaves.

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