I thought that since I have shared with you about the steps leading to the greenhouse I would show you what grows inside.
These are mostly hanging baskets that will be sold at the farmers market this spring but my private collection is mixed in amoung the baskets, such as the Staghorn Fern hanging in the left hand corner of the photo. He was a tiny thing when I brought him home (less than six inches across) from a visit to Tallahasse (where we were born and raised). He's grown a lot in two years. Now he lives in a 12in hanging basket and is so heavy I can't lift him. And yes, I do tend to assign sexs to my plants, just one of those loveable quirks of mine.

We'll be going back to Tallahasse for Thanksgiving with friends there. Tallahassee Nursery has a very nice orchid collection and I plan to bring home something this time as well.

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