The Best Time of Year

October is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons. The weather begins to cool down, the leaves begin to change, walk through the neighborhood are a pleause. My birthday is the 24th and Halloween (my favorite holiday) comes just a week later.

And another reason I love October is because of the county fair. Here are just a few photos I took as this years "Dixie Classice Fair". Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Sign over the stadium where the special attractions are held, such as the tractor pull and any big name musical stars or groups.

J took M to the midway and they did the rides. J's favorite is the zipper, not sure if M has a favorite or if she just tolerates it all because she gets to be with Aunt J.

There's always plenty of Folk Music. It was drizzling rain but G and I sat under our umbrellas and listened for a while all the same.

This man was giving demos on 4 harnes weaving. I would really like to learn weaving and spinning.
He said it took him a long hard day to string the loom but then he could produce many rugs before his wrap threads ran out. The rugs are about the size of a bathroom rug and take him about 1.5 hrs to make. They were very resonably priced at $30 - $35 each.

These staues were carved with a chain saw, isn't the detail amazing.

While J and M enjoyed the mid-way G and I watched the tractor pull. I like the old rusty tractors the best because they look so much more real to me. They look as if they are really used to plow farm land.

But the fancy souped up tractors where cool as well. Although they are VERY loud. BTW I noticed that they didn't actually pull as well as the regular tractors.

I found these card sculptures to be amazing. Can you imagine the time it took not to mention how steady your hand needs to be.

Hair do's are always entertaining at the fair. I don't know who I feel more sorry for, the poor hairless sheep or the chicken with feathers in his eyes.

I'm sorry I just couldn't resist sharing this one with you. What were the breeder thinking???

Wonder what this guy thinks about it?

I bet her husband doesn't ever complain about her cold feet in bed at night.

For some reason this reminds me of Phylis Diller.

The flower show is always my favorite. I could spend hours just looking and lusting after all the beauties. A fellow Master Gardener won over 5 blue ribbons and several reds and yellows as well.

Clock Tower, this is where we always instruct the kids to meet us when the day is over. Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed it. Be back soon.

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