Vintage Thingy Thursday ~ Mrs. Beasley

Family Affair was my favorite TV show when I was little. I was 7 yrs old the year they started manufacturing Mrs. Beasley. My grandfather gave me one for Christmas that year. If I remember correctly she cost approx. $35.

The original Mrs. B was stollen from me and I was heartbroken. I think I probably told G the story every Christmas. So when eBay came about being he discovered that you could buy vintage Mrs. B's. Thing was they were about 10 time as expensive as they were in 1967. So I figured I'd never get one but Christmas of '99 G bought me one, he got a good deal on her. I cried when she arrived. Since then I've replace a couple of other dolls from my childhood as well. This Mrs. B is in mint condition, she still talks.

G is a special man.

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Anonymous said...

She's extra special..lovely story :)

Jennifer said...

She is very cute!

Mary said...

Mom mom had a Mrs. Beasley. Grandma had it at her house and we played with it when we were little. I can't remember who has it now. Thanks for sharing.