Dedicated to Ford

I despise resolutions. The very idea of resolving to totally change something for a whole year without knowing what that year holds for you is preposterous to me. But I do firmly believe in goals. Goals help you find your focus and give you something to strive towards. Maybe I’m just playing with semantics -goals vs. resolutions- but language is the best way we have of communicating. Words convey nuance in meaning and nuance can make a big difference in outcome.

So I’ve set myself some goals for the upcoming year. One is to gain control of my office/studio. My office/studio (actually a spare bedroom in our house) is a disaster zone. Honestly I think I could apply for federal aid and get it, it’s just that bad. I’ve tried and tried to sort through and straighten things out and it helps for awhile but then it returns to way it was, only worse. I finally realized the only way to make a real and lasting difference is to complete the projects I have piled up.

So I have dedicated January and possible February to FORD. No not the automobile, although I probably should borrow my S-I-L’s truck and simply load the whole mess up and take to the dump but adding to the landfill is not the answer either. In my case FORD stands for “Finish Or Repair Daily” as in finish or repair one of the lingering projects piled up in my office. The list is rather daunting and I’ve gotten a very, very slow start but I think I’m on the right path now. Yesterday I repaired a stuffed animal for my GD and today I’m going to repair a wind chime (it's amazing what you can do with a peice of fishing line and a couple of crimps beads). Then I’m going to get out the sewing machine Santa brought me for Christmas and start working on some other projects.

Hopefully this effort will go a bit better than when I tried last August.

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Liz said...

Good for you. FORD sounds like a fabulous idea, and I'd be happy to join in if it werent for the fact that my whole house is way past the repair stage. I need a crew of home repairmen/organizing professionals to come in and do an intervention. :)