Making the most of Monday

I was hoping to post this earlier in the day but I was busy making the most of my Monday.

Vintage Indie has a new challenge called as the title says “Making the Most of Monday”. I know that many people dread Mondays because it means returning to a job that don’t particularly like or maybe they like the job but not their co-workers. But be that as it may we all still have to face Mondays.

Personally I’ve always like Monday. I see it as a chance at a fresh start. It’s the day I try to get the hardest household chores done so that the rest of the week goes a little smoother and I can do other more enjoyable things. I realize that some people hate housework as much as they hate Mondays but I view housework like vegetables, if you’re going to stay healthy you have to have some of both. Just as it’s been proven that people who don’t eat their veggies don’t enjoy the best of health it’s also been proven that people that live in dirty houses are often sicker than those who live in clean houses. But just like vegetables if prepared properly housework can be less arduous. For me that means having a plan and a schedule and doing my best to stick to it. I’m not always able to but by having a weekly plan for general chores I know that if I don’t get to it this week then chances are good I can get to it next week.

For me Mondays are all about laundry. I know some people do laundry daily but for me that would be akin to eating collards which I hate with a passion. So I do my laundry weekly. I go through the whole house and gather up all the things that need washing. Bed sheets, towels, dish towels, aprons, clothing from the bottom of closets, everything. Then I take it all to the washer and sort by color. By doing my laundry in bulk this way I’m able to do full loads of colors and full loads saves money, it takes just as much electricity to do a small load as a large load. And when you sort by color your whites stay whiter and your colors stay truer.

I always do the bed sheets first so that I can make the beds right away. Then as each load dries I fold them and put them away right then. This way everything is back in its place and the whole house feels nicer.

While the wash is going I do other household chores like cleaning the bathroom and dusting. Today I also cleaned the vacuum cleaner, we have a Dyson and it’s recommended that you clean the filter every 3 months. I also did some planning for other things I hope to get done this week. Namely I hope to get the rest of the lingering Christmas things put away before February and since it will practically be February by the end of this week I need to get on with it.

I know all this is just so exciting ‘not’ but it helps me to write about it and like I said, it’s sort of like eating your veggies. Hopefully next Monday I’ll have something more exciting to make the most of :o)

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