Must Haves - Moleskin

Martha Stewart has been sharing some must have’s on her show this week. It has inspired me to share some of my must have’s here on the blog. While Martha and I have a lot in common there’s one major thing we don’t have in common; bank accounts. I am certain mine is much smaller than hers and for that reason my must have’s will probably not be as impressive but they will be easier on the wallet.

I am blessed (more like cursed) with short, wide feet. As a result of this blessing it’s very hard to find shoes that truly fit and more often than not I end of with very painful blisters and sore spots because cute affordable shoes in size 7 ½ DD are next to impossible to find. In the past I’ve dealt with this by wearing nice shoes only for very special occasions and canvas Ked-type shoes for everyday, or sometimes I buy myself a pair of Minnetonka driving Mocs.

Then one day I was admiring a pair of T’s (my daughter the shoe diva)shoes, her feet are similar to mine in that they are wide through the toes and narrow at the heel. I asked her how she could stand to wear high-heels to work every day. That’s when she told me about moleskin. If there is anything you need to know about shoes just ask T.

Now I know that I am the only woman in the civilized world that didn’t know about moleskin but honestly I didn’t know that such a miracle invention existed. I am here to tell you it rocked this country girl’s world. Now I can wear high heels without hobbling. You can’t imagine what a relief this is on Sunday morning, I no longer need ‘laying on of hands’ just to make it up the church steps.

The best part is that it only takes 2-3 times of wearing moleskin with most shoes before I have them broke in good and don’t need it at all or just on the really bad spots. It’s allowed me to break in several new pair of everyday kicks without blisters so that I am no longer resigned to just dingy canvas Ked-types.

BTW these are my crocks that I use when going out to do yard work. They cost my 83 cents on clearance at CVS pharmacy. Not as impressive as Martha's $85 crocks that she wears to feed the chickens. Something tells those expensive crocks don't look any better than mine by the time she gets chicken doody all over them. And I don't think the chickens are impressed either.
Next Thursday I share another must have with you.

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