Chugging along with my FORD

My FORD plan is chugging along about as fast as Bella’s truck from Twilight (what I wouldn’t give for a truck similar to Bella’s). But I am chugging along with my projects and that’s better than being stuck in traffic.

I recently finished a project that I’ve had for almost 20yrs. No, that’s not an exaggeration; it has actually been through 4 moves over 4 states with me. I bought a “Kissing Ball” approx. 20 years ago and it got broken the very year I bought it. I was convinced I could make another similar to the original and so I kept the broken pieces. Over time I bought different things I needed to re-make it but as often happens I either couldn’t find the broken ball or the glue gun or ribbons ect. ect. Finally everything just came together; I found everything I needed all at once, and put them in a bag and hung the bag from the back of a chair (another FORD project) in my office.

So this last Sunday I finally put it together and I actually like the new one better than the original. Sorry I don’t have a picture of the original but here’s pic of the new one.

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bumblebeecreations said...

That looks great! I'm glad your resolution is working out for you!