Bargello Needlepoint

My favorite place to shop is a thrift store or antique shop. Like most American’s I don’t need any more stuff, so when I do buy stuff I want to get the best deal for my money. And the fact that the item might be old or have a little wear on it doesn’t bother me.

Last summer G and I took a vacation to Hilton Head (I adore Hilton Head). Inspite of the fact that it was the hottest week of the year G and I scored some nice things at some of thrift stores and antique shops there. This Victorian corner chair being one.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when G decided he had to have it. Being married to a man who likes nice furniture is good but being married to one who appreciates Victorian is over the moon fabulous.

As you can see the chair needs recovering badly. I’m not sure who put this piece of fabric over it but they did a very poor job.

I also scored this book on Bargello Needlepoint durting that trip ($2). It was a rather serendipitous find because we hadn’t found (or bought) the chair yet. And it wasn’t until on the way home while looking at the book that I decided to use a pattern from it to make a new cover for the chair.

This week I decided to FORD ahead with this project. I got the book out, found the pattern, cut the canvas to fit the seat cushion and then after a good start realized that the pattern would look better if it were on the diagonal. That mistake had me a bit frustrated but I decided to go ahead and work the pattern in the colors I had planned to see how they turned out.

My first choice for colors was garnet and gold because G is an FSU fan. But as you can see from the picture that looks just a bit vulgar and there is simply no way I can look at that every day of my life. So I decided to try something more monochromatic with shades of gold. I like that much better and I think that color scheme will pretty much fit into any room in the house. However I'm going to find more muted colors because these still look a little garish to me.

I’ve also decided to find a smaller weave canvas and use thinner tread.

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