I'm sure by now that the whole world knows about Instructables but if by chance you don't you'll want to go check it out. It's one of the most interesting, creative, amusing and plan darn weird places on the web. There are many creative ideas out there. Some are really useful, some are cool, and some are to bizarre for words.

I get their email newsletters because I like to see what creative things other people are coming up with. The last newsletter I got included this Bowling Ball Fountain. Don't you think it's the perfect complement to every redneck country garden? Personally I think it probably looked better before he painted the balls. It does sort of stir the imagination.

and then I stumbled across this Book Headboard. I think it's kind of cool for a teen or preteens bedroom. You could even color coordinate the books to the decor. Many used book stores have a free shelf so it might be possible to put the whole thing together for next to nothing.


Barb said...

That's a neat site. I hadn't heard of it, thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

i hadn't heard of it, thanks, off to look...