White Tail Deer

I just wanted to share a few photos I took yesterday while G and I were gardening at Tanglewood Arboretum. They are beautiful even if they do eat most of our plants. The arboretum has literally become a test garden for deer resistant plants. We also test products and inventions to discourage deer and rabbits without doing any harm to the environment.

I think this must be two moms, one the mother of the young buck and the other the mother of the fawn that still has its spots. The little buck has not assumed his responsibility as lead stag of the heard yet, otherwise he would be back off in the bushes watching the Does and the fawn eat.

Tanglewood Arboretum is home to a very large heard of White Tail Deer. It's boarded on 3 sides by homes and business and the forth side is a large river. It's safe from hunters and since Tanglewook host a golf course as well as the arboretum there are plenty of wonderful things to eat. I admit that as a gardener they're not my favorite of animals but they have such an elegant and ethereal quality about them that even a gardener whose Hostas have been eaten to the roots has to stop and admire them.

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