The Most Amazing Places

I know people who actually refuse to have the internet in their homes or offices. They believe that all the bad, evil and disgusting things that can be found on the net are not worth all the good. I'm glad that I've never been that frightened of the net or else I would have missed out on people and places like Richard Shilling's blog about his sculptures he calls Land Art. I find images like his to be not only beautiful but inspiring.

I can't help but believe that the people who say they are affraid to own the net because of it's bad side are actually affraid of themselves. After all you have to make the choice about what you look for on the net, rarely does it come after you.

You can also find Richard's work on Flickr here.

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Barb said...

Pamela are you a ravelry member? I found two patterns you might like for potholders..under quick search on ravelry type "tried to look pretty" This is a free pattern that I think would look good in pastels..and type "rose trellis afghan" for another freebie. I think one square would be nice potholder done with smaller hook for proper size..and would have to make back pattern yourself.