On the Road Again

It's time to pack up the caravan again and move on. G has found a new job, one he likes with good benefits and good pay. Thing is it's a 2 hour one way (that's 4 hrs a day on the road) so we've decided to sell our house here and move there. This will be our 6th moved and our 4 city. And to think, many people live there entire lives in the same place!

I'm looking forward to it because it means a new nest to feather and I'll be able to document the whole process here on my blog. G and I've decided this time we're going to buy the nest of our dreams. No golf course homes or McMansions, we want either an old Victorian or a Craftsman. Most importantly we want the house to have architectural detail and I especially want a large wraparound porch that's wide enough for swings and rocking chairs. Hopefully some out buildings as well that we can turn into workshops and studios.

I admit that above is my dream but it's abit to grand and would require a lot of maintence. I'm not sure it's something we could manage but it's nice to look at :o) I only used the picture because it's pretty. The image was found here and was post by Oliva.

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